Saving money on your phone bill

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Everybody wants to save money, but how do you find ways to cut those fixed monthly costs like your phone bill? One way is to simply pick up the phone, and shop around for a lower rate.

Laura Pirino's business relies on incoming phone calls for takeout pizza orders, but over the last few months, she noticed the changes on the monthly bill.

"We were just noticing they were adding fees and every year it was gradually going up. So we kind of did some comparison shopping and went out and looked around and we found that we could switch our provider and save significantly."

The owners looked at changing service at all three of their Indianapolis area locations, they identified discounts at two of the three saving hundreds of dollars each month. With that, Laura says she switched over her landline and Internet service from AT&T to Brighthouse. She says she hadn't expected to find such a large amount of savings.

"Surprising, just that I guess the competition out there with the providers with how willing they are to work with their customers to get new customers."

A proven way to track down savings is a website called We featured it yesterday on Sunrise, and it allows you to compare your current service to competing providers.

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