Saving money on your heating bill


One of the biggest bills you'll pay during these cold winter months is your heat bill. That's why we have some ideas to cut your bills as some of those holiday expenses come due.

Dave Rader is a CPA who recently moved his entire accounting practice from an older building into new office space. He moved from a gas heating system, to a regular furnace and a heat pump, which is located in an office closet.

Rader expects the shift from natural gas to geothermal heat pump will lead to some savings, but one new feature that he has direct control over is the new digital thermostat.

"Yes the old one was not programmable at all. So if we forgot to turn it it stayed on 70 degrees, here's its going to automatically go down to 65," said Rader.

Heating experts say for every degree you lower your temperature, you can save three percent on your heating costs.

Another way to save is to get rid of so called vampire power. You can do that by unplugging chargers and standby devices which constantly draw power.

Also, run your dishwasher or washer and dryer full and off-peak hours, and remember to switch to energy efficient light bulbs.

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Thursday, we'll look at saving on your monthly water bill.