Santa's early visit fulfills 12-year-old's wishes for others


Santa Claus made an early stop in Zionsville on Christmas Eve.

Santa and some community elves visited the home of Hawk Ricketts, a 12-year-old with special needs.

A few days ago, Hawk told Santa Claus he could use a few things for Christmas.

But none of the requests were for him.

Santa told Zionsville's VIP Club members that Hawk's family had no easy way to get around town together.

Hawk's mother and father also have health issues. They needed a van so they could all travel to medical appointments and to the grocery.

Several people got together and, in just a few days, found a van for the family with a carrier for Hawk's wheelchair. They also gathered cash to buy insurance, gas cards and a book full of other gift cards to meet the family's needs.

With carolers and the Zionsville police and fire departments behind him, Santa drove the new van to Hawk's house in downtown Zionsville.

Hawk's mom was grateful and, from the front porch, thanked everyone for all they had done. Brenda Trimmer told Eyewitness News her family now "will not be so isolated."

Hawk, who communicates with an electronic pad, wrote and passed it to his mother. She read the word "life." She added "as in quality of life."

And she wished all her new friends a Merry Christmas.