Rushville High School wins 2013 Operation Basketball Spirit Award

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The Operation Basketball Spirit Award has a new home, thanks to the indomitable spirit of Rushville High School.

The priceless hardware was loaded into Chopper 13 and we were on our way. It was a perfect flying day for the 17-minute trip.

The lion mascot was at the school entrance to greet us and present us with a complientary T-shirt for the pep session in the gym.

"We want Dave!" the students shouted. "We want Dave!"

We led the raucous crowd on a couple of "Operation Basketball" cheers. They lived up to their reputation as Spirit Award winners.

Over half of the student body serves as the school's cheer block. They are loud and proud, whether they're home or away.

One student, donning a "Moses" outfit, led students on a cheer, "I believe that we will win!" Santa Claus, President Obama, Pac Man and a ghost all put in an appearance. This group comes dressed to impress.

Rushville teacher Ed Small organizes the group.

"I've always said that our cheer block has changed the game. I know for a fact that when we did the Harlem Shake or when we parted the Red Sea or when we did Silent Night, there were teams that instead of warming up, they were doing this," he said, miming a basketball player staring at the crowd instead of practicing.

Finally it was time for the grand moment.

"On behalf of the Channel 13 staff, here it is! The Operation Basketball Spirit Award to Rushville High School!"

"Moses" then used the award to part the "Red Sea" and climbed the bleachers to the promised land of Rushville.