Rush for necessities before snow hits

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The first round of this snow storm hit early Sunday morning. And, of course, that made a lot of Hoosiers head out after the snow stopped to get what they needed for this second round.

The city laid the foundation of salt overnight to battle the onslaught to come.  A few hours later the first wave swept through.  Snow, slush covered roads making the first week of spring look like anything but.

John Sanders said, "Nothing new.  It happens almost every year.  I remember it snowing in April before in 98.  Snowed three inches and was 70 degrees two days later.  It's nothing.  Just nature."

An opportunity to get out of the house one last time to put a good face on winter.

As far as Kroger is concerned, whether it was the storm or the groceries it seemed people were here because they needed groceries.

The winter stuff was stuffed together in an out of the way place to make way for the Easter weekend to come.

"Last year it was 80 degrees and people caring about their yards at this point in time.  No fertilizer is going to go out till the snow clears and hopefully spring is upon us," said Dean Fields.

 At Ace Hardware in Carmel what was left of the salt and snow shovels were organized nicely so customers could see them as they entered the store and it worked.  A few picked up some salt.  This customer picked up some items for the snow blower he thought he could put away for the year.

"I was this short from taking it back up to the attic but I didn't do it.  Things worked out for me.  Now you are glad you didn't?  I am glad."

One more opportunity to button things up for winter.