Rural Madison County remains snow-bound

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Six central Indiana counties are among 29 statewide Gov. Mike Pence declared a state of disaster emergency. Madison County is among them. Eyewitness News sent a crew to travel along I-69 to see why.

It's the tale of a city and a county. The City of Anderson is getting its roads cleared. The county clearly has work to do and the plows were making hay while the sun shines. Anderson had everything under control, for the most part.

"Downtown isn't too bad. You get a lot of traffic. Sometimes traffic helps and sometimes it works against us," said Randy Nicholson.

Snow plow operators have been working feverishly to get ahead of the snowfall and have for the most part, succeeded.

"We've identified at least 18 vehicles that are hindering plowing process. So our plan now is to get tow trucks out with the plows so County highway can get out and get the roads in better condition," said Madison County Sheriff Ron Richardson.

300 North showed just how bad it is in rural Indiana. 450 square miles for the Madison County sheriff and road crews to patrol. 18 stranded vehicles at last count, including two just yards from one another.

"If they live in town and the roads get better there, they think the roads are better out in the county as well, but that is not always true," said Sheriff Richardson.

In some rural areas, snow plows have to clear paths for fire trucks. EMTs were using snowmobiles to answer calls.