Rupert's Kids burglarized

Cat Andersen/Eyewitness News

Marion County - An Indianapolis charity that helps troubled youth has been burglarized.

Rupert's Kids inc, says thousands of dollars in electronic equipment was taken from their offices on the north side. Police say it happened sometime between 6:00 pm Monday night and 7:00 am Tuesday morning on the 700 block of E. 86th Street.

Police say someone broke into Rupert's Kids Inc. and stole $5,200 worth of electronics, including televisions and laptops. The burglary was discovered Tuesday morning.

Rupert's Kids is a non-profit organization founded by TV Survivor star Rupert Boneham. The charity takes in troubled youth, whether they've been dropped by foster care at the age of 18 or have been in trouble with the law.

"A manager had stated she'd gotten to work. A door was propped open with bricks. Fortunately, instead of going in, she calls police right away which is really what you should do," said Sgt. Matt Mount.

Besides a broken door frame and damaged lock, everything else was in order.

"Nothing ransacked. Everything was taken pretty neatly, actually," said Georgette Boneham, social worker with Rupert's Kids and Rupert Boneham's mother.

"We're trying to help them transfer their lives from kind of a restless, wandering illegal person to someone who is self sufficient, a contributor to society who is independent who is making a legal living," she added.

Employees say much of the equipment that was taken was essential to getting their kids back on their feet.

"The computers are a source of a lot of things, not only learning computer work, but learning how to find bus routes, learning where GED classes are held," Boneham said.

"The day before the management had made the comment that there were some kids who had congregated near the door where this had occurred who were kind of whispering and then they didn't show up for work. It could be perfectly innocent behavior but it could be connected," said Sgt. Mount.

Insurance will most likely replace all the equipment that was stolen. They say the tough part about all this is thinking that someone would target a place like this that helps so many people.

"In this community there are a lot of kids ages 18, 19, 20 that are homeless," said Boneham.

Whether they're foster kids dropped by the system or juvenile delinquents, Rupert's Kids takes them in and gives them another chance.

"We help them with jobs. We help them get GED's. We help them finish high school. Sometimes we help them get into Ivy Tech," said Boneham.

The charity says many of their contacts they use to help these kids were on one of the computers that was stolen. They're hoping someone finds a way to return it.

Rupert's Kids