Running the Mini-Marathon on "borrowed legs"

Kelli pushes Connie in the stroller.

The 500 Festival Mini Marathon is Saturday. At 30,000 plus people, it's the largest half marathon in the country. Many run the 13.2 miles alone, while others compete as a team. That's true of Kelli Turner and Connie Roney.

If you're on the Monon, it's hard to miss Kelli Turner. She runs behind a big red stroller.

"A lot of people see me and they're like, that's a heavy baby!" said Turner.

But Kelli is pushing a stroller full of hand weights, training to run her third Mini with friend Connie Roney.

"People go, 'Isn't it great?' And I go, 'I borrow Kelli's legs' and I say I'm running on borrowed legs and I love it. I'm grateful to her," said Connie.

Connie has multiple sclerosis. After her husband died three years ago, Kelli and her sister invited Connie to watch them run the Air Force 10-K in Dayton, Ohio.

"I just thought it might be something she'd enjoy, get her out of Seymour and I didn't even know her husband was in the Air Force," said Kelli.

Connie watched from the finish line.

"I said, 'Gosh, Kell, I sure wish I could run again.' And that opened the door and Kelli didn't stop 'til she got me a stroller and got me in a race," said Connie.

It's not easy running with a stroller. Connie weighs 115 lbs., along with the weight of the stroller.

For Connie, the first time in it was scary

"My life is in her hands. I mean, if she did a Joan Crawford on me, I'd be down the road screaming like Bette Davis!" laughed Connie.

Both love running together and with all the other runners on race day.

"They don't make me feel like I have a disability. They make me feel like I'm participating," said Connie.

"I can't even explain the feeling of being able to share that and help someone experience the electricity and energy," said Kelli.

Though they run as a team, Connie likes to say she beats Kelli, because her feet cross the finish line first.

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