Roncalli High School celebrates its namesake

likeness of Pope John XXIII on the campus of Roncalli High School
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An Indianapolis school celebrated its namesake Wednesday after he was elevated to sainthood at the Vatican last weekend.

Students and faculty at Roncalli High School in Indianapolis gathered Wednesday to mark the canonization of Pope John XXIII. Angelo Roncalli took that name when he was selected pontiff in 1958.

Archbishop Joseph Tobin led the mass in honor of the Pope, sharing prayers and stories about the man he called the original Roncalli "Rebel."

"His humility and his sense of humor, brothers and sisters, were born of his freedom," said Archbishop Tobin. "He was free to be himself, because he knew he was beloved by God."
Four Roncalli students traveled to Rome to witness the historic ceremony. They won an essay contest that earned them the trip overseas.