Rolling Stones rock tiny LA club

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They are musical legends - 50 years in the business and still going strong. But for one night, as Mike Jagger put it, the Rolling Stones were "an up-and-coming band."

That's because they played a gig Saturday night at a small club in Los Angeles as a tuneup for their arena tour which starts this weekend at the Staples Center. The gig at the Echoplex was kept a secret, with word spreading online. And instead of dialing in for tickets or camping out at a venue, fans got in by winning a lottery, and had to be ID'd and given photo bracelets to eliminate the chance of scalping tickets.

The ticket prices were far different, too. The gig was just $20, compared to the hundreds of dollars fans will pay to see them during their 50th anniversary tour. But the crowd of about 700 surely got their money's worth - a 90-minute show featuring a mix of new and old material.

And don't expect to find a clip on YouTube - cameras and smartphones weren't allowed into the Echoplex.

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