ROC Investigation Committee request for transparency among members

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The city's investigation into the now-evacuated $18 million Regional Operations Center is set to begin. A special committee met Monday night for the first time.

Our 13 investigates reports called into question the city's lease on a building that's now abandoned and deemed unsafe for police work,

The ten-member bipartisan committee will begin laying the ground work for how this special investigation will proceed.

The committee wants to know how the lease was put into place, what city business practices were followed and how the council can strengthen policies to prevent deals like this in the future.

The ROC was evacuated in September after inspectors found safety code violations. Under the deal, the city must pay $57,000 a month and for all improvements, letting the owners off the hook.

The Committee will have subpoena powers to force those involved to turn over documents related to payment. Last month City-County Councilman Joe Simpson revealed the group could force former public safety director Frank Straub, who signed off on the deal, to return to Indianapolis to answer questions.

The first big issue facing the group is their own conflicts if interest. The group is asked to sign new disclosure forms that require the members to reveal any connections to the owner of the ROC properties Alex Carroll.

The form ask members if the have accepted campaign contributions or gifts from Carroll or if they have business dealings with him, his family members or civic organizations.