Robin Thicke Twitter chat backfires; fans bombard him with jokes, insults

Robin Thicke Twitter chat backfires; fans bombard him with jokes, insults
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Pop star Robin Thicke might want to avoid Twitter in the future.  He was scheduled to give a Twitter chat on Tuesday to promote his new album "Paula," asking fans to tag questions with the hashtag "#AskThicke", but since Thicke's reputation has taken a hit recently, the chat became a PR nightmare, with many of Thicke's detractors hijacking the hashtag to poke fun at him.

Thicke most recently caused controversy for attempting to woo back estranged wife Paula Patton with an album of songs about their relationship, putting Patton on the spot to respond.  "If Paula does come back, imagine telling the romantic story to your kid. 'I publicly shamed your mom into loving me.' Awwwww," one person tweeted.

"Has Paula filed for a restraining order yet?" another asked.

One person wondered what Thicke's next move would be if his wife didn't take him back.

"If Paula Patton doesn't take you back, would you settle for Paula Radcliffe?" the tweeter joked. Or Paula Poundstone? Paula Deen?"

Other Twitter users zeroed in Thicke's perceived misogynist attitude towards women, with several references to his hit song "Blurred Lines."

"From writing an obsessive stalker song to blurring lines of consent, why do you continue to be such a creep?" one person tweeted.

"You wouldn't be on Twitter if you didn't want this to happen. Stop being such a tease. You know you want it," another joked, referring to the song's lyrics.

And some just used the hashtag to crack wise about Thicke's 2013 MTV VMA's outfit, which was compared to the movie character "Beetlejuice".

(The New York Daily News contributed to this report.)