Robbery suspect surrenders outside Greenwood bank

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A bank robbery suspect was arrested as he left the Greenwood bank Wednesday morning.

An employee at the Chase Bank at 1225 South Park Drive called 911 about a robbery in progress around 10:45 a.m. Greenwood police officers responded and surrounded the bank. After the employee told the dispatcher the suspect was still in the bank, the dispatcher told her if she and anyone else could safely leave the bank to do so.

All employees in the bank were able to leave the bank, leaving the suspect alone inside. The suspect, later identified as 55-year-old Steven Thau of Camby, then left the bank and surrendered to police.

During questioning at the Greenwood Police Department, Thau told detectives he had recently lost his job, his wife had left him and his house had been foreclosed on. Homeless, Thau had slept the previous night in his vehicle in a restaurant parking lot next to the bank.

Wednesday morning, Thau said he worked up the nerve to rob the bank. He told police he wrote "Give me the money, I have a gun" on a deposit slip, knowing he didn't have a weapon.

He handed the note to a bank teller, but observed the woman begin to shake and cry. Thau told detectives that made him feel guilty, so he told the teller he wasn't going to hurt anyone and that she should push the alarm button.

He stood in the lobby as police surrounded the building and employees ran out, eventually surrendering.

Thau was charged with a felony count of robbery and is being held at the Johnson County Jail. Police say he did not have a criminal history, aside from an OWI charge in 2006.