Road crews work to get ahead of expected chill

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Road crews are trying to get ahead of the massive cold front that's expected to move our way late Sunday and hang around for a few days.

The concern is that melting snow and ice on the roads will be left in place for the deep freeze that's expected.

Wind chills could go as low as minus 40.

That threat had many crews out during the day Sunday to clear roads once again, after wind blew snow back on the roads.

In Hancock County, that means using a grader to bust up stubborn snow drifts.

"We use it to grade the roads in the summer time and in the winter time, we use it to plow snow to get to the deeper snow that our trucks have trouble with or get stuck. We are looking at 3 to 4 feet of snow drifts across the road at different locations." said Paul Durham with the Hancock County Highway Department.

The grader has six wheels and when road conditions are especially bad, crews use chains to give the grader extra traction.

The county has two graders they use in extreme situations.

Their main push is to keep roads clear and dry.

"We want to get as much snow cleared off the roads so we can get the salt and sand down to get it melted off before it does get cold, because once the temperature drops like it is supposed to, we won't be able to do much more to melt the ice," Durham said.

Hancock County uses a mix of salt and sand: the sand helps with traction and also helps conserve salt.