Road crews hit streets despite dwindling snow removal budget

Salt trucks are loading up to get ahead of Tuesday's storm.
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City plows are loaded, rolling and are looking for trouble. They've pre-treated streets, hoping to keep the first falling snow from freezing over the pavement.

Meanwhile, residents are stocking up on groceries and trying to find salt for their sidewalks and driveways.

"Nobody has salt. I've been to three different stores, this is the only store that had it. I'm happy," said Veronique Brown of Indianapolis.

DPW says it has plenty of road salt and more on the way. Money is another story. January's near-record storms drained the city's $7.3 million snow removal budget.

Tonight's storm is expected to burn through the remaining $900,000. Mayor Greg Ballard insists the plows will keep running and DPW will find the money later.

"I don't think they need to worry about it. Budgets are dynamic. Some people have more money, some have less, there is always shifting around at the end of the year," Ballard said.