Risky Call

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Sandra Chapman investigates problems with ambulance response time.

Indiana Senate considers new nursing home rules for 911 calls - After 13 Investigates revealed that some nursing homes fail to call 911 in life and death emergencies, a state Senate health committee is now calling for a system-wide review under a new proposed law.

New reports reveal state ambulance investigations - There is new information detailing the failures of a nursing home and ambulance company that refused to call 911 for a cardiac arrest patient, left waiting for help.

Indiana considers 30-minute trauma system rule - Top state health officials say it's time to improve your chances of surviving a critical incident. They're proposing a state-wide trauma system that could include a 30-minute transportation rule. For the first time, Indiana is considering a mandate on how quickly trauma patients get to trauma care.

Medics call for change - Central Indiana medics are calling for change, speaking out for the first time about a secret practice that allows nursing homes to call hired help miles away, instead of 911 in life and death emergencies.

Another family shares story of nursing home ambulance delay - Viewers are outraged by what our 13 Investigates report uncovered. Nursing homes are failing to call 911 in true emergencies. Now another family says it happened to them too.

Nursing homes questioned about emergency calls - In life and death emergencies, we're told to call 911 to ensure a quick response. But 13 Investigates has discovered parents, grandparents and other vulnerable loved ones being put at risk by Indiana nursing homes, who refuse to dial those three simple digits.

Obese patients pose dilemma for ambulance companies - Nearly one in three Hoosiers is obese, costing taxpayers billions of dollars and putting life-saving companies and their patients at odds. 13 Investigates recently got rare access inside a delicate health dilemma, one so new, the state and ambulance companies are struggling to keep up, sometimes leaving lives in the balance.