Richmond Hill neighbors infuriated by latest allegations

The blast killed Dion and Jennifer Longworth and 33 homes had to be demolished.

They already lost neighbors and homes to a deadly, purposely-set explosion. Now people who live in Richmond Hill are angry once again.

"They're furious. They're furious this has happened," said Richmond Hill homeowner Doug Aldridge.

Aldridge says he and his neighbors are furious that Mark Leonard, one of the suspects accused of setting the blast in November, allegedly plotted a murder-for-hire scheme from his jail cell against a witness, known as "MD".

"Mr. Leonard believed he would be immediately released upon the death of 'MD'"," said Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry. "It is alleged that he drew a map for directions to that target's house."

"My chest just started hurting, it's like what else could happen in this neighborhood? This is playing out like a bad B-movie," Aldridge said.

Prosecutors say another inmate tipped off police to Leonard's plan.

An undercover ATF agent then acted as the hit man and talked by phone with Leonard in jail.

The phones in the Marion County Jail are clearly marked, telling inmates their calls will be monitored and may be recorded.

Court documents say Leonard provided the undercover agent with details of when the murder should happen and he agreed to pay $15,000 to have "MD" killed.

Prosecutors say Leonard offered to pay an extra $5,000 if the murder looked like a suicide and "MD" first called 911 to say he lied about information he gave about the explosion.

"This kind of shows you just how desperate this person is to cover up his tracks. If this doesn't convict him.. I don't know what else is going to," Aldridge said.

Richmond Hill residents, who are still trying to rebuild, say they're thankful police foiled the plot. But they also say it's just another blow their neighborhood didn't need.