Richmond Hill couple back home in time for Christmas


This Christmas will have a special meaning to an Indianapolis couple who are finally back in the home that was damaged by the 2012 south side explosion.

Eyewitness News joined the Burns family as they settled into their renovated home in Richmond Hill.

It was move-in day for Craig and Kathy Burns to a place they have missed.

"It really is nice to be home for Christmas," said Craig.

Their home looks very different today than it did last year. Their house was one of the many casualties from the explosion that took place in November 2012.

The blast killed Dion and Jennifer Longworth, and three people are accused of concocting the scheme to blow up a home in order to collect insurance money.

"We had to come back to show them, you're not going to put us down. You wanted whatever you wanted. But you're not going to be a problem for us," said Craig.

Their things have been boxed up for a year while they lived with family in a hotel and in an apartment. But getting back into their home was not easy. The explosion blew out windows and destroyed their roof.

Code enforcement initially wanted the damaged home demolished. The insurance company fought to have it rebuilt. That effort took 13 months.

"The whole garage was replaced. All the trusses over our bedroom were replaced," said Craig.

"This is our favorite 'cause they re-did this whole thing. So we like it a lot," said Kathy.

This Christmas, the Burns family will be unwrapping familiar items. They're grateful to be home in a neighborhood they love.