Richmond couple part of IRS Tea Party targeting

Sylvia and Ken Johnson of Richmond say they were targeted by the IRS.

An Indiana-based Tea Party organization is one of the groups that feels targeted by the Internal Revenue Service.

Richmond, Indiana is an all-American city, home to Ken and Sylvia Johnson, an all-American retired couple. They are hardly the kind of people who would seem to pose a threat to their country.

"You are a brave person to come here on our own turf, because we have been demonized," Ken said.

The Johnsons raised the wrath of the IRS because of the Indiana Tea Party website they operate out of their home. They applied for tax-exempt status and the IRS requested a hard copy of everything they had ever placed on their website.

"There is no way we could reproduce in hard copy everything that had ever been there," Sylvia said.

So they didn't.

The Johnsons went on about their lives and their request was denied on February 18. But a second letter, received four days later, said the application had been approved. Now, they have the opportunity to tell their story to the world.

"They wanted me to fly to Washington D.C. tonight. I said they wanted gory stuff of harassment. You don't need me there because we chose not to play their game," Ken said.

That is part of the reason - but not all.

"I really don't want to be part of a side show," Ken said.

The Johnsons are afraid their grandchildren will ask them one day, "What did you do about the debt?" Now, they believe they were targeted because of a simple desire to make this country a better place to live. Ken even wears a wristband with one simple word inscribed on it: Enough.

As for their next move?

"I don't see us changing what we have been doing," Sylvia said.

That means around the house, state and country.