Residents warned about home invasion tactics


The recent rash of home invasions across Indianapolis have been from people surprising their victims by bursting into houses.

But now we're getting reports of people posing as someone else to gain trust and access inside your home.

People in the neighborhood near 34th and Winthrop Ave. are keeping their eyes and ears open after a burglar posing as a gas company worker attacked a resident after getting in. It happened as police arrested another suspect in a recent north side home invasion.

Eyewitness News has learned that detectives investigating the October 24th Spring Mill road home invasion made another arrest in the case. A 25-year-old woman is now in custody with pending felony charges of assisting a criminal, auto theft and receiving stolen property. Police asked us not to release her name and picture since its an ongoing investigation.

In Wednesday's incident, the victim let in a man pretending to be a gas company worker. The first man let a second man in the house before tying up the homeowner.

Citizens Gas says 99 percent of the time you will already know if an employee is coming to your home. If someone shows up at random, that's already a red flag.

"If someone comes to your door and you have a concern we would say don't answer the door, Call dispatch and if our employee needs to wait to make sure you feel comfortable before letting them in your home then they are happy to do that because want to make sure people feel safe and certainly we want to make sure these sorts of incidents don't happen again," said Sarah Holsapple, Citizens Energy.

With the recent violent home invasions in Indianapolis, police say call 911 to report suspicious activity so they can check it out.

Eyewitness News is working to find out just how serious this apparent crime wave is, and we will have more starting at 5:00 pm.