Residents say warning sirens didn't sound after funnel sighting

Photo credit: Aaron Richardson
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A storm system that moved across central Indiana Thursday produced a funnel cloud in Madison County.

"It touched down," says one storm watcher.

And it also brought rain and high wind that blew a tree onto a house in Anderson near 15th and Pearl Streets.

At least one utility pole was snapped in Anderson, resulting in a traffic disruption.

"The sirens didn't go off," says Tim Bigham. And he ought to know. There's a storm siren right outside the back door of his Anderson home.

"They should go off whether it's for the county or the city I think," said Bigham. "You depend on it."

A source who knows the system says the siren was not activated because at the time police officers saw the funnel, it was near Hoosier Park and already outside city limits, moving away from Anderson. And rural Madison County does not have storm sirens.

"At first it was just a small little cone, we pulled over and look at it," says Logan Howard, who, along with Aaron Payzant, shot video of the funnel south of Anderson from I69. The sighting was a first for two storm spotters. "It came down and then was just wrapped in rain," says Payzant. He says he saw the funnel touch down in a farm field, missing a barn.