Residents gather belongings after Indianapolis explosion

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About 80 homes were damaged by the explosion on the Indianapolis south side on Saturday night, including five that were destroyed. 
For the first time since they ran for safety after the explosion, many of the residents in the Richmond Hills neighborhood returned to gather important belongings Sunday afternoon.
Ryan said, "Being able to see as much of the backyard through my front door is pretty incredible."
While the Richmond Hills resident didn't want his face shown on camera, Ryan wanted to make sure you knew his family along with many in this south side neighborhood are struggling.
"Looking at this video, does it surprise you to see what you saw?" we asked Ryan.
"Definitely. When we left it was dark and we didn't stop to take inventory of what happened. It was just make sure we were safe, get to a safe distance. Looking at it was amazing. Not just our house, but the other houses that were better, were okay. It's amazing to think that people made it out."
Ryan's home backs up to one of the houses that exploded. He explained the damage in the home video he shared exclusively with Eyewitness News: "We've got pretty significant damage on this side. By God's grace, my son's room which is between all that damage was fine."
Ryan's son was in that room, but he is okay.
The family's home has been deemed uninhabitable.
With a police escort, Ryan was able to grab wedding photos, his car keys, and look for the family dog. But Ryan is not sure when he'll get to go back: "We've got water pipes that burst. And there's water in the ceiling and it's getting bogged down with water. I'm afraid the more time passes the less there will be likely to salvage."