Residents cautious after robberies hit close to home

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Police say criminals are becoming more violent, holding up some residents right outside their own home.

One of the victims thinks her attacker followed her home from a Walmart store at Emerson Avenue and I-465. Officers are now on the hunt for the people not only robbing others of their precious belongings, but also their peace of mind.

"I turned around and this boy was standing with a gun, pointing it at my face like this and he said, 'I want your money'," said Gloria Armitage.

That was the terrifying greeting Armitage and her sister-in-law received as they were returning home from a family member's funeral.

"When we didn't have any money or any jewelry to speak of, I thought he was going to shoot us and leave. Never had anything like that happen to me before," Armitage said.

Gloria remembers the man swaying back and forth waving the gun side to side.

"I thought that he was on drugs because he wasn't that direct," she said.

But in their time of need, Gloria's sister-in-law called on heavenly help.

"She was looking him right in the face and said, 'I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ, I bind you in the name of Jesus Christ'," Armitage said.

Just like that, he walked away and didn't take a thing.

"He hit me on the head and said, 'Give me your purse, (expletive)!'," said another victim.

That female victim wasn't so lucky. She says she's still scarred physically and emotionally after her attack.

"I get out of my car. I didn't look around, I just got out like you do and he was standing right there," the woman said.

The woman was returning from Walmart at 11 p.m. when she pulled into her carport, just feet from her home. The robbery got away with her purse, full of valuables and her sanctity.

"I'm scared. I'm really scared. I'm always looking around. I won't carry my purse anymore. I got a TASER, I got mace. I'm just...I'm scared now," the woman said.

Armitage is also scared. But the grandmother says she carries a gun and told police she's not afraid to use it.

"If I think they're threatening, I will shoot them," she said.

Neither woman got a very good description of her attacker.@

A few valuable things the victims learned, police said the women should never park in a carport, instead park as close as possible to your front door and always evaluate your surroundings before you get out of the car.@