Rescued woman's family grateful for Officer Bradway's sacrifice

Robert Golder - uncle of woman who Officer Bradway rescued
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The woman Officer Bradway burst into the apartment to save is alive and well today with her 10-month-old baby thanks to the officer's heroism.

Saturday, Eyewitness News Reporter Carrie Cline met up with that woman's uncle who wanted to express his deepest gratitude to the Bradway Family for the sacrifice made.

"That Officer Bradway is an outstanding officer. He went out of his way to protect and save my niece," said Robert Golder.

Golder is overflowing with grief mixed with a large dose of gratitude for officer Rod Bradway's ultimate sacrifice.

"I really just want the Bradway family to know that our family--we send our condolences and our appreciation for the officer going above and beyond the call of duty," said Golder.

Golder lives near Crown Hill Cemetary and saw Saturday morning's processional escorting the officer's body from the corner's office to the mortuary.

This will eventually be Officer Bradway's final resting place after next week's visitation and funeral services.

In the meantime, as Golder reflects on what's been lost, he can't help but celebrate what was saved.

"Gorgeous, beautiful young lady-outstanding. I can imagine she was really scared. She probably didn't even see it coming herself," said Golder.

His niece is the woman who was being held at gunpoint on the other side of that door at the Eagle Pointe Apartments Friday morning. Her screams prompted Bradway to rush in to her aid. She was saved--he died when the woman's boyfriend, Steven Byrdo, shot and killed him. Byrdo died after Bradway and another officer who arrived shot him. Byrdo's actions came as a big surprise to his girlfriend's family.

"She said, it was Steve and I said no, no, it couldn't have been. He was going to Ivy Tech and he's always been respectful to the family and we just couldn't expect something like this to happen," said Golder.

But, it did tearing /two/ families apart. Now, one just wants to the other to know they're standing with them in love, support and most of all--gratefulness.

"I'd like to embrace them right now and let them know that he's the man," said Golder.

The man who laid it all on the line to serve and protect.

Golder says he wasn't aware Byrdo had recently been released from jail on cocaine distribution charges until he saw the news yesterday. He says Byrdo was not the father of his niece's baby, but was an excellent father to the baby girl.