Rescue house provides shelter for explosion victims

The Indy Fire Rescue House gives shelter to families displaced by disaster.
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Many different groups quickly stepped up to the plate to help victims of Saturday's explosion. The Indy Fire Rescue House was among them.

When Bryan Fleck, a Hendricks County firefighter and paramedic, heard about the disaster, he sprung into action. Fleck went to the Fire Rescue House, a four-bedroom home in Wayne Township, to make sure it was move-in ready for whomever might need it.

"Some of the leaders of IFD reached out to us and said we have a family here, a family of six," Fleck said.

The family had lost everything in the explosion and had nowhere to go in the immediate aftermath. The Fire Rescue House provided them with a fully-furnished home.

"It's a place to lay your head at night. There are toiletries, clothes and food," Fleck said.

And everything from the furniture, to the roomful of toys, to the house itself was donated. Fleck founded the Indy Fire Rescue House in September 2011, modeling it after a smaller program in Anderson.

The first responder explained, "we've seen families in the middle of the night with no place to go. No on should go through that."

The first family moved in last May after their west side apartment was destroyed by fire.

At the time, Gary Moore said, "We stood there and there was nothing we could do, but watch as our life went up in smoke."

Moore, his wife Missy and their four children had no place to go, nothing to take with them.

"It was so incredible all the souls that came to help us every day," Missy Moore said.

Six other families have stayed at the house since then. Fleck said they usually stay up to two weeks, until they're able to return home or find new accommodations.

The families also get help with starting over. The garage is stocked with everything from furniture and bedding to cleaning supplies and other household goods.

As Fleck's motto says, "We fight fire with food, clothing and shelter," as well as many helping hands.

Fleck said they've been inundated with people contacting them asking how they can help, which is good, since there will always, unfortunately, be people displaced by fire, explosion or other disasters.

You can donate to the Indy Fire Rescue House through their website. You can also buy stickers and bracelets on the site for $10, with proceeds going to the victims of the explosion.

You can also mail a check to: Indy Fire Rescue House 700 North High School Road, Indianapolis, IN 46214. They also accept gift cards to Walmart and similar stores.