Rescue crews save horse from icy pond


A partially frozen pond became the scene of another ice rescue Wednesday night.

Crews had to enter icy waters to save a horse, trapped in a pond.

Matthew Bennington was driving by Wild Feather Farm in Westfield when he spotted the lights and witnessed the uncommon cold-weather rescue.

"It's unbelievable of what I've seen tonight," Bennington said, "doing as much as they can to pull this animal that was 30 times bigger than they were."

He snapped photos as Westfield Fire crews worked to free the horse from the icy pond. The animal had wandered onto the ice, fell through and became submerged to its neck, trapped and surrounded by ice.

Rescue crews say one wrong move and it could have drowned. Hypothermia was already setting in.

"A couple of our crews put on ice rescue suits, got chainsaws, cut through the ice, helped the horse get through the water," explained Westfield Fire Battalion Chief Joe Lyons.

It took them about ten minutes to pull the horse out and while these crews are trained to rescue humans, Bennington says seeing them save such a large animal was impressive.

"They go into the water helping this horse, putting their lives in danger. It was incredible to see what was going on," Bennington said.

Lyons says a veterinarian was called out to treat the horse, which is now doing well.

Crews say this rescue is also a reminder of the danger of winter, as ponds begin to thaw.