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DVD copies of Eyewitness News content are available for personal use for a fee to cover dubbing and shipping.

You must complete and submit this form with your payment.

No phone orders, please.

We keep video clips on our site for about two days after the original air date. If you're looking for a specific clip on, please use our search engine located in the upper right corner of every page on our website.

We post the majority of the stories that our reporters write, as well as some NBC and CNN stories. We are much less likely to post very short pieces of video.

With the exception of special reports, clips are deleted from our site after a few days. You can share a link to a video clip by using the "email" option on the player (hint: click the 'envelope' icon at the bottom of the player). Or you can click on "grab" to get the link, which is highlighted in the graphic below. (This video player appears on story pages at the top of the far right column, when video is available).

Note: At this time you CANNOT download video from WTHR, except on our podcast page. We select a few stories from each newscast to convert into podcasts.  See what's available today.

You might also visit our YouTube page, where we post some of our special reports.

To summarize: WTHR-TV does not provide hard copies of clips. If you email us asking for a copy of a story, you will be referred to Executive Video Clips at 317-925-6397.