Republicans advance gay marriage ban in Indiana House


The Republican majority in the Indiana House has signed off on a maneuver advancing the proposed state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Democratic critics objected Thursday to the House accepting the resolution, calling its move to a different committee this week a do-over.

The House elections committee voted 9-3 along party lines Wednesday night in favor resolution. The House voted 67-30 along party lines Thursday on a technical vote to accept the committee's action, prefacing a floor debate expected next week.

Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma moved the measure to a more conservative committee Tuesday after GOP support faltered in the House Judiciary Committee. Democratic Rep. Matt Pierce of Bloomington dubbed Bosma's action a legislative "mulligan," akin to the resolution getting stuck in a sand trap.

The GOP Speaker says it's all about fulfilling a promise to the people of Indiana.
"I said early on that I wasn't going to ask anyone to vote anything other than their conscience," said Bosma. "And (I) also was going to do my best to make sure representatives of the people had the chance to speak on the issue and vote on it.  So, this was the least disruptive to make that happen."

State Rep. Ed Delaney, a Democrat who represents Indianapolis, doubted the hearing would be fair.
"If I'm a person who's a opposed to this amendment, how do I feel going in front of a second committee who's hand-picked to make sure I lose?" Delaney asked. "I give those people credit if they're willing to testify against this measure in front of that committee.  But, they have to ask themselves, 'am I getting a fair hearing?'  The answer is no, you're not getting a fair hearing."

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