Report: Spierer friend accuses her parents of harassing him


A New York newspaper reports that a man who was friends with missing Indiana University student Lauren Spierer is now accusing her parents of harassing him.

Corey Rossman, who was among the last people to see Spierer before she went missing in June 2011, told The Journal News that he's done "nothing wrong" and that the attention on the case is "hurting my career."

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Early in the investigation, Rossman was named as a "person of interest" in Spierer's disappearance. No charges were ever brought against him and he was never considered a suspect.

Rossman had been banned from Smallwood Plaza Apartments, where Spierer lived, after a 2010 incident involving public intoxication and a separate incident in May 2011 for urinating in the complex parking garage.

The investigation found that Rossman was at Smallwood on the night of Spierer's disappearance and got into a fight which was caught on surveillance camera.

His lawyer later said Rossman lost memory of the night's events. But Rossman says he never told his attorney that.