Report shows Indiana kids growing up healthier

Report shows Indiana kids growing up healthier

A new report shows children here in Indiana are growing up healthier, but there are still areas where kids are struggling.

The data from the Annie E. Casey Foundation is called "Kids Count" and it ranks states based on health, education, family environment and economic well being.  They found that of the 50 states, Indiana ranks 30th overall.  For economic well-being, Indiana ranks 26th, 34th in education, 21st in health, 30th in family and community.

The study goes on to show that of the children living in poverty in 2011, 23 percent were in Indiana.

Bill Stanczykiewicz is with the Indiana Youth Institute. He says, "Some of the reasons in Indiana has been the change in the economy. The manufacturing sector is still strong, but we can just make a lot more stuff with a lot fewer people because of technology. So, we have not as much economic opportunity for as many people in manufacturing."

So, what's the solution? In the short term, it's something as simple as donating to places like food pantries or donating your time to act as mentors to young children.

But it's not just the physical needs of kids in poverty that need to change to make the numbers change.

..and how does preschool play into the overall well being of kids in Indiana? The study finds that more kids don't go to preschool in other states like they do here in Indiana.