Report: IRS workers rewarded, but don't pay taxes

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If you don't pay your federal taxes, chances are the IRS is going to come after you with some big penalties.

13 Investigates has learned some people who didn't pay their taxes actually got a paid vacation compliments of the IRS.

Like many state and federal agencies, the IRS has a program to reward employees who do excellent work.

13 Investigates just obtained a report that shows the IRS is not always keeping track of who's getting rewarded under that program. The report exposes how the IRS has been rewarding thousands of staff members who had serious conduct problems and who didn't even pay their own federal taxes.

We're talking about questionable performance awards to more than 2,800 disciplined IRS workers. They got $2.8 million in financial bonuses and a combined 27,000 hours in extra paid vacation.

The Treasury Department's Inspector General for Tax Administration released the information Tuesday afternoon. No surprise, he's recommending the IRS not give out performance awards to workers who don't pay their taxes.

The IRS agrees with the recommendation and plans to conduct a study to figure out how to do that.

The Inspector General's report comes after an across-the-board mandate to reduce and reign in the amount of bonuses given to Federal government workers.