Report: Chinese site may show plane debris images

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China's official Xinhua News Agency says a government website has images of suspected debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.

The report says the satellite images from the morning of March 9 appear to show "three suspected floating objects" of varying sizes.

The report includes coordinates of a location in the sea off the southern tip of Vietnam and east of Malaysia.

The report says the largest of the suspected pieces of debris measures about 24 by 22 meters.

The search area for the missing Boeing 777 was expanded after it emerged that the plane may have changed course. It now includes 27,000 square nautical miles of ocean and some land. 

239 people were on board when the plane disappeared early Saturday on its way from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The plane signaled where it was over the South China Sea just having taken off an hour or so earlier. That communication stopped and then the Malaysian military picked up on its radar a sign of some kind of aircraft. They don't know whether or not that was Flight 370 but they suspect it may have been.

Malaysian authorities face growing criticism for the failure to locate the aircraft - but that may have changed now. 

NBC News and The Associated Press contributed to this report.