Reggie Wayne arrives at Colts camp in Indy car

Reggie Wayne and Ed Carpenter at Colts training camp in Anderson.
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Reggie Wayne swapped the horseshoe for horsepower at Colts camp Wednesday.

Just after 10:30 a.m. Wednesday, Wayne arrived at Colts training camp in an Indy Car. IndyCar's Ed Carpenter had the honor of driving the veteran wide receiver.

Wayne is returning from an ACL tear and said "it's full speed ahead for the 2014 season."

"I think it's a sign for the Colts as a team," Wayne said. "I think this is a way of needing to come out fast. It's urgency. This is my way of entering camp with a motto for the team."

Reggie's arrival is always one of the highly anticipated events on move-in day, and today number 87 was topping high speeds arriving with Ed Carpenter. We asked him where he got the idea.

"I had something else in mind but it got shot down, but I won't tell you what that was. But this is something that I didn't think about at first and a couple of people gave me the idea, and I said, 'you know what, that's even better!'"

"It's an honor to be able to bring Reggie. This is a big year for him coming back so to be able to deliver him to camp for what's hopefully going to be a great year for him it's really cool," said Carpenter.

"I thank them infinitely for making this happen. This is by far my favorite camp arrival," said Reggie.

Carpenter said the car that the duo drove into camp is a real Indy Car with a real engine.

"They have a street-legal car, but it didn't make sense to bring Reggie in a street-legal car," Carpenter said. "We needed to bring him in the real thing. It is kind of awkward passing people and stopping next to people at a stop light. No police escort or anything. We just drove here like an unlicensed vehicle."

For some, training camp is all about the necessities.

"I have to bring my pillows from home. I'm kind of a pillow snob," said quarterback Andrew Luck.

For others, it's all about sending a message. And that was Reggie's idea behind the two-seater.