Reggie Wayne accuses ex-girlfriend of credit card fraud


Indianapolis Colts wide receiver Reggie Wayne was a no-show at the team's voluntary work outs Tuesday. He is reportedly in the middle of a credit card fraud investigation involving an ex-girlfriend.

According to police, Wayne came to them in April claiming ex-girlfriend Natasha Mckenzie had racked up almost $94,000 on one of his credit cards.

"There were several transactions for cash, as well as merchandise that was purchased and delivered to the suspect's residence," IMPD Sgt. Paul Thompson said.

According to the police report, Wayne told police that a department store gave him the heads up that McKenzie had tried to buy something using his Huntington Bank card.

Wayne told investigators when he checked with the bank that he learned McKenzie had used the card for more than 300 transactions since September 2009.

"She did not actually have the card itself," Thompson said. "She had taken those numbers from the card and made online purchases as well as other transactions utilizing only the numbers from that card.

"There was about $60,000 in cash and about $30,000 in merchandise that was acquired by using the numbers from that credit card."

IMPD says the investigation has led officers and secret service agents to McKenzie's home on the city's north side last week. They say McKenzie was not home, but officers had a search warrant and were able to go inside.

Thompson said that after forcing entry, police seized items inside the residence. "Apparently there were several television sets, a living room set, various electronics and some other property that was identified as proceeds from those transactions and it was confiscated," he said.

Police say that so far, no charges have been filed against McKenzie but that could happen when their investigation wraps up over the next few weeks.

Thompson said she did make an admission that she utilized the numbers from that debit card without authorization.

Eyewitness News made several attempts to contact McKenzie and her attorney. Our phone calls were not returned.