Reese family has long criminal history

Brian Reese appeared in court Monday.

Rich Van Wyk/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - The family of a man suspected of shooting an IMPD officer have criminal histories decades long.

Brian Reese and his father, Paul, are facing murder charges in the death of 69-year-old Clifford Haddix, who was beaten to death as the men robbed his Newton Avenue home. Those charges are the most serious in their history of arrests, convictions and prison sentences.

Brian Reese, 36, has been in trouble since he was a teenager. In Johnson County, a 17-year-old Reese was waived to adult court where he pled guilty to conspiracy to commit theft. The judge sentenced him to the maximum three years in prison. Since his release in 1991, he's been arrested numerous times for drunk driving and other alcohol and drug-related offenses.

His father was on parole when police arrested him for the murder of Haddix. In 1980, he went to prison for six years for voluntary manslaughter. He was convicted of burglary in 1989 and again in 1996, then was sentenced to 16 years in prison for two armed robberies. He was convicted of burglary in 1999 and marijuana possession two years later. He was released from prison less than six months ago.

Another son, Paul Reese, Jr., is currently in prison. His background includes convictions for conspiracy to commit burglary, a six-year sentence for reckless homicide, another conspiracy conviction and more recent convictions for resisting law enforcement and criminal mischief.

Thirty-five-year-old Jeremy Reese is awaiting trial on escape and attempted theft charges. He's been convicted in the past of burglary, drug charges, escape and theft. He has also been a habitual traffic offender and has convicted of continuing to operate a vehicle despite having his driver license suspended for life.

Brian Reese's mother, Barbara, was also taken to jail for resisting arrest following Thursday's pursuit. Police say she drove her son Thursday night as he tried to escape from Officer Fishburn and other Metro Police officers.

She told investigators her son admitted he was on the run.

Officer continues to improve

The IMPD officer Brian Reese is accused of shooting, Jason Fishburn, continues to show signs of improvement at Wishard Hospital.

Doctors have been reducing the medication that keeps Officer Fishburn in a medically-induced coma for periods of time to do tests and evaluate his progress. A statement from Metro Police says Fishburn has been grasping the hands of loved ones and has opened his eyes at times, while showing responses to certain pain stimuli.

Officer Fishburn remains on a ventilator, but has taken some breaths on his own, the statement said.