Red Cross seeking out victims in Washington County


Bilbert Abney is one of hundreds of Red Cross volunteers criss-crossing county roads in southern Indiana, searching for people in need following Friday's tornadoes. He spoke to Eyewitness News Monday afternoon about what he and other volunteers are doing to help.

"Here in Borden, we've got one little section up here at the far end of it that's got quite a bit of devastation, there's houses just totally gone. When we take this road on back down out of Clark County, we'll head into Washington County, which is the Pekin area, and that's down there where the little girl was found and the family that had gotten killed. It's just really devastated down there. The people down there, we've been trying to help them, get food and water down to 'em and they're going to be getting us some blankets and stuff pretty soon. Most of the families don't want to go to the shelters, it seems like, so we're trying to bring it out to them, because they want to save what they can."

"We can drive for several miles and see absolutely nothing. It's kind of like it's going up and down, just right up here is a corner, we turned it, we went down and come around, you get over there, there's a farm that there's not a building left on it. The tornado hit it, the people that was there had a little storm shelter, they got into it and they stayed alive, but they was happy to see the Red Cross found them down there, because it's just a little remote area."

"We're just driving around, trying to find where the damage is and trying to help the people in whatever area. It's so remote out there, people don't even hear about these. They hear of Pekin, they hear of Borden, but they don't hear of the people out here in the county. They're just as important as any of them and by driving the roads, we find where we can help the most and that's what we're trying to do."

"That (house) back there is totally gone. This one here, from what we've been told, there's somebody actually staying in this house. So we're trying to make sure, if we can get a hold of him, we'll give him food and water if he needs it, do whatever we can with those donated dollars that the people are giving us."