Record snow and more coming

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It was a record breaking snow for Indianapolis, with just over five inches of snow Friday.

This record snow brings us closer to breaking other records. We are second on the list for snowiest seasons (December-February) and fourth on the list for snowiest years. We need about an inch to break the season record and about eight to break the year record. Both records were set in 1981-1982.

Here are the numbers:

Season                                                                   Year
51″ 1981-1982                                                58.2″ 1981-1982
50.2″ 2013-2014                                             57.9″ 1977-1978
49.7″ 1977-1978                                             51.7″ 1995-1996
46.9″ 2002-2003                                             50.3″ 2013-2014

It will be cold overnight, with lows 5-10 degrees. Saturday will start dry, with some sun.  Saturday ends with more light snow. Right now an additional 1-3" is in the forecast for Saturday night and early Sunday. The best timing for snow is 7 p.m. Saturday through 7a.m. Sunday.




This snow will start to melt next week, as we forecast highs in the 40s and 50s.

Travel troubles

The snow caused problems for drivers all afternoon and into the evening, trying to get home from work for the weekend.

"People leaving early, just trying to get home safe," said one driver.

Many office workers were clutching Valentine's Day flowers, headed to their cars, then home.

"Just to get home and avoid the snow and traffic," said one man.

Radio announcers were telling drivers to expect a drive home twice as long as usual.

Just to drive three blocks east on Maryland Street from Capitol to Pennsylvania, dodging car-clogged intersections, took over eight minutes Friday afternoon.

The snow also posed a challenge for road crews. Two DPW trucks working Washington Street around 4:15 p.m. had to maneuver through the early rush hour. They were dropping a mix of salt and sand, apparently to conserve on fast-falling salt supplies.

Several counties have issued travel advisories (yellow status) and Hancock and Johnson Counties are currently under a travel watch (orange status). As of 7 p.m. Friday, there was no travel advisory in place for Marion County.

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7:23 pm: Hendricks County tells us they are re-closing SR 267 between 300N and 350N to remove an overturned semi. This is just outside Brownsburg.

Johnson County authorities reported at least nine slide-offs, seven property damage crashes and two personal injury crashes. They also reported a personal injury crash on I-65 at the 91 mile marker.

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