Reading rooms open at two IPS schools

Brooklyn Chestnut is thrilled with the new reading room.

Summer is a perfect time to read a good book, and two Indianapolis schools are getting the perfect surroundings to encourage kids.

The transformation is complete at IPS School 27: A classroom has been converted into the perfect climate to curl up with a good book.

Brooklyn Chestnut is a fourth grader. "It's just like where kids can be kids. And they can read whatever they want to read."

With hundreds of books lining the walls, it's the nooks and crannies, the simulated treehouse with comfy pillows all around, the overall design of this room was influenced by student suggestions.

But the concept comes from a man who credits a love of books for his success.

Students watched a video during the opening ceremonies.

"My name is Dr. Ben Carson and I'm a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore Maryland."

Dr. Ben Carson grew up in poverty, with poor grades and low self-esteem.

His hard work and perseverance prevailed.

His wife Candy was here to cut the ribbon and unveil a world of adventure for delighted students who couldn't wait to see this room.

Candy Carson is the wife of Ben Carson. "We figure putting these in, and making them places that just draw kids in, so that they learn to love learning, there's a better chance that they will finish school that they will become productive citizens," she said.

Allen Johnson is a fifth grader.

"I'm really gonna wanna come in and read here. I mean it just looks so cool in here, and I would do it every day if I could."

Thomas Stokes is also a fifth grader. "You got pillows, and you can focus, only gonna be a certain amount of people," he said.

Candy Carson told us, "When you think about it a lot of kids share a bedroom, with siblings, but sometimes they share a bed. So finding a place that is just their own, to settle down with a book, and just go into their own world, it's wonderful to be able to give that to them."

There are more than seventy reading rooms like this across the US with the latest here at IPS Schools 27 and 114.

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