Ravenswood residents flooded in

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Ravenswood residents are used to flooding, but after Saturday's record 2.14 inches fell, they are dealing with the inconvenience of water-covered streets and yards.

This neighborhood hasn't had to deal with this kind of flooding in a few years. Water from the White River is close to the intersection at Haynes and Fitch.

The neighborhood is perched on the banks of the White River, which has yet to crest. The water is already up to four feet deep in some spots.

Check river levels here.

Suze Stamm with the neighborhood association says it's a concern because it means people can't get in or out of their homes.

"That's one of the big issues we have here, is the streets being flooded, and their driveways, and unable to go work. It's a public safety issue for senior citizens and those who are sick," she said.

We spotted a man dressed in waders who was checking out the depth of the water. Other residents said they were surprised at how rapidly the water level rose.

"It did come up quickly. We saw it coming yesterday. It did come up quickly yesterday and into the three feet," said Stamm.

Up to 17 homes along River Road, which is northeast of Ravenswood, are surrounded by flood water.

Stamm spent the day checking on neighbors who were stranded, prompting conversations like this:

"Is Kathy okay? Is she still in the house?"

"I believe so. My concern is for her and I don't have her number."

"This lady in the white house, I think her furnace is out."

"Did they have to kill her power?"

"They did."

Monday afternoon, the water was within inches of getting inside homes.

Even though Evan Castor experienced several other floods at his old house, this one caught him by surprise.

"It came in quick on this end," he said. "I walked down that way and it was this high - three or four feet deep," he said.

The floodwater closed several roads as well as a body shop. It was also creeping into Rick Ward's garage, with the frigid temperatures worrying him the most.

"I'm afraid when goes down, it will all freeze and make it difficult to move things around if the water is frozen in the garage," he said.

Still, people were staying put and waiting for the river to crest.

"You just go with the flow. That's all you can do. You can't stop it, you know," said one resident.

In Shelby County, rescue teams helped several families near County Road 425 West near Shelbyville get out of their homes that were surrounded by water.

Police say homeowners called for help overnight, but they were not in any immediate danger. Rescue crews waited until first light to send out the boats and get the families to dry land.