Rare identical triplets head home to Franklin

The Doss family recently welcomed identical triplet daughters.
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Three new Hoosiers are making headlines around the world.

"It's amazing how fast along they are coming," said Chad Doss, the father of identical triplets. "Bentley and Avery have already outgrown their preemie outfits."

The triplets are putting on weight, moving out of bassinets and winding down IV feeding.

"It's only three weeks old and they are already taking bottles and they haven't had any of those scary situations that I was picturing in my head," said mother Amanda Doss.

Avery, Bentley and Cassidy - "ABC" for short - were born at 31 weeks and it's challenging to know who is who.

"It's getting really hard. When I look at pictures, I have to really think about it," Chad said.

Cassidy is the smallest of the siblings.

"They are right on track. They are doing just fantastic for their gestational ages," said Dr. Shaun Hicks.

Soon, the naturally-conceived identical triplets, weighing over four pounds each, will head home.

"Taking them home is going to be an adventure, as far as telling them apart," Amanda said.

Their medical case is rare, but no one is sure just how unique.

"We heard anywhere from one-in-a-million to one-in-200 million. There is no exact odds out there," Chad said.

Add to that, conception happened after Chad had a vasectomy reversed.

"Doctors say it was a 66 percent chance that we'd even have one at that time and then for us to have one and now have three, it's...I can't even imagine what the odds are," he said.

The three fetuses were discovered at the 19-week ultrasound.

"I was probably screaming. I don't know. I was, like, 'Are you joking me?' and she is, like, 'No, I don't joke about multiples'," Amanda said. "I went through my C-section just fine. The babies came out great."

Amanda has developed a condition which led to a subsequent surgery and her childbearing days are over.

"My mom is worried that eventually it's going to hit me and that I am not going to be able to have more, but at this point, I've got three perfect little girls and two stepkids that I love just like my own, so I'm okay with it."

Big sister Kaitlyn is nine, big brother Caleb is 12.

"I've got four daddy's girls and just me and my 12-year-old son. Just me and him all alone now with all the women," Chad laughed.

There is a lot of work ahead. Three bottles every three hours, 38 diaper changes a day. To date, friends have donated nearly 3,000 diapers.

"When we divided it up, it was like seven weeks worth and we were, like, 'Wow'," Chad said.

While it was comforting hanging at the hospital, soon news came that it was time to go. All three daughters would be discharged on the same day.

"Doctor said 'Okay, bring the car seat in for the car seat test soon.' I'm, like, 'Oh, wow'," Chad said.

The babies were bundled under blankets for the trip to Franklin.

The proud parents say it's a little "overwhelming," but exciting, to be on their own with no nurse around to help answer questions. But there is comfort in knowing both of their grandmothers are on the way.

The triplets' grandmothers are helping to create a schedule for friends and family who are pitching in assistance and food.