Rainfall totals for central Indiana

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Rainfall totals for Monday, June 20th, 2011:

(Why so much rain? See Chikage Windler's blog post.)

4.59″ Fairland (Shelby County)

4.26″ Castleton (Marion County)

4.03″ Beech Grove (Marion County)

4.00″ Shelbyville (Shelby County)

3.46″ NW Indianapolis (Marion County)

3.50″ McCordsville (Hancock County)

3.46″ Carmel (Hamilton County)

3.41″ Fairland (Shelby County)

3.29″ Indianapolis (Marion County – Clinton Young Elementary School)

3.03″ Waldron (Shelby County)

3.00″ Carmel (Hamilton County)

2.97″ Indianapolis (Marion County – St. Jude Catholic School)

2.94″ Indianapolis (Marion County – Perry Meridian High School)

2.83″ Shelbyville (Shelby County)

2.81″ Shelbyville (Shelby County)

2.63″ N Indinapolis (Marion County)

2.50″ Fairland (Shelby County)

2.44″ Cumberland (Hancock County)

2.40″ W. Carmel (Hamilton County)

2.34″ Mccordsville (Hancock County)

2.33″ Greenwood (Johnson County)

2.32″ E Carmel (Hamilton County)

2.25″ Westfield (Hamilton County)

2.21″ NE Indianapolis (Marion County)

2.21″ Lafayette (Tippecanoe County)

2.05″ Frankfort (Clinton County)

2.03″ Indianapolis International Airport (Marion County)

1.95″ Zionsville (Boone County)

1.83″ Rossville (Clinton County)

1.82″ Indianapolis (Marion County – Pike High School)

1.65″ Monticello (White County)

1.56″ SE Indianapolis (Marion County)

1.52″ Mitchell (Lawrence County)

1.43″ SW Indianapolis (Marion County)

1.37″ Manilla (Rush County)

1.33″ Tipton (Tipton County)

1.32″ Lawrence (Marion County)

1.29″ Franklin (Johnson County)

1.17″ New Salem (Rush County)

1.07″ Sharpsville (Tipton County)

1.05″ Morristown (Shelby County)

1.00″ Greenfield (Hancock County)

More cities and towns will be added later. Please post updates from your location in the comments section.

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