Rain reveals deep pothole problems in central Indiana

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While the storms that blew through Thursday have melted away much of the snow across Indiana, they also revealed a massive pothole problem.

The dark spots you see in the road resemble progress for a smooth ride as crews worked to fill potholes Friday. However, their work is just beginning.

"This is the worst, pretty much," said mail carrier Vicki Davenport.

Davenport would know. Her day is spent driving the roads and she has learned the trouble spots the hard way.

"You really have to go slow. You hope no cars are coming the other way, so you can dodge around them," Davenport said.

This winter, regardless of highways, main roads or side roads, everyone has come across these car-shaking, tire-busting, wheel-bending craters that seem to never end. It is so bad that many drivers are basically picking a lane, like an obstacle course, weaving in and out of different lanes to avoid all the potholes along the road.

"It's a mess," said driver Darrell Henderson. "It takes me a little longer getting to work. This is a shortcut, but yet it's longer."

Our record-setting winter snowfall and cold snap have worked together to chip away at the roads, with the big reveal coming with our recent thaw.

"We're kind of dealing with winter and spring at the same time," said Gary Pool, Hancock County Highway Department.

A quick weather burst meant Hancock County crews couldn't spend all of Friday patching potholes.

"Interesting day. We've had flooding, potholes, ice and water flowing over roads, so we've covered everything the highway department could do in a year in a day here," Pool said.

Unlike salt, crews don't expect an asphalt shortage. The only shortage they fear is time.

"It's not like delivering pizza. We might not be there real quick, but trust me, we're working," Pool said.

It can't come soon enough for drivers.

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