Rain changing to snow

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By the late evening hours of Monday, temperatures had dropped into the 30s. Snow is staring to fall downtown and across other areas of central Indiana. The change from rain and sleet to snow will continue to happen overnight, as temperatures fall into the upper 20s and lower 30s.  Any accumulations of snow will be minor and mostly on grassy areas or a rooftop or two.



Tuesday will be dry, but very cold for the middle of April.  Highs are only forecast in the upper 30s and lower 40s.  To put this in perspective, the average low is 42 degrees.  If you have sensitive plants and flowers that you want to protect, it would be a good idea to cover them tonight and tomorrow night.



We do get a break from this unusual chill by mid-week.  Highs return to the 50s on Wednesday and the 60s on Thursday.  Rain chances return for the end of the week.  We will keep you updated on the timing for Friday and the weekend.  Right now we have highs forecast in the range of 55-60 degrees for Friday through Easter Sunday.  Some of the latest analysis hints at a warmer air mass, so we might get to bump the forecast temperatures up.