Rain and thunderstorms moving out of Central Indiana

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Chuck Lofton

The rain and thunderstorms will move east this morning and leave us with a beautiful afternoon. Look for a high of 65 later today, the average high is 62. Temps jump to the mid 70s this weekend with an isolated shower tomorrow and a chance for showers possible Sunday. Temps will cool into the 50s next week. In fact, look for a significant downturn in temperatures with every single day of the week, into Friday with below average high temperatures.

By the way, temperatures in the 50s for the Race For The Cure tomorrow morning and low 70s for the start of the Indy Eleven game.

On This Day In Indiana Weather History : The Palm Sunday tornado outbreak, the deadliest in state history. 10 tornadoes struck 18 counties in the north and central parts of the state. Seven of the tornadoes were killers, and between 4:45 PM to a little after 6:30 PM, they left 137 dead and 1724 injured.