Rabies alert surprising to Humane Society

Rabies alert surprising to Humane Society

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is issuing a nationwide alert about the rabies risk abandoned or stray cats may pose to people.

The executive director of the Humane Society of Indianapolis says he's surprised by the alert. He says the last rabies case in Marion County that he's aware of was in 1994. He tells us groups like Indy Feral help manage local cat colonies and the spread of disease.

"There really are no health risks. The real risks are if we keep letting cats and dogs over populate and reproduce, and so that's why spay and neuter are so important," said John Aleshire, Humane Society of Indianapolis.

It's also important for pet owners to do their part. It's the law in Marion County that all cats or dogs be vaccinated against rabies.

The Humane Society of Indianapolis offers low cost vaccination clinics.

If you notice stray cats in your neighborhood, contact Indy Feral. They offer a free or low-cost spay/neuter program which will help reduce the number of unwanted animals in Indianapolis.