Questioning the safety factor during police chases

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Two weekend police chases ended in serious crashes - one sent several people to the hospital, including two IMPD officers. Another one took the life of an innocent bystander.

With outcomes like this, some people question when is it worth it to chase down a suspect and when should police let a person go.

The first police chase happened Saturday night, sending five people to the hospital including two police officers. It all started when an IMPD officer noticed the driver, identified as 30-year-old Robert Carson, doing something illegal. When the officer attempted the question the driver, they took off, initiating the chase. That chase ended when he hit a motorcycle at Keystone and Kelly.  A man and woman were thrown from the motorcycle, but we're told they will be okay. Two IMPD officers also hit each other head on and were hurt, but they are also expected to be okay.

Then, on Sunday, there was a crash that killed a 79-year-old man. A Marion County deputy, working as an Eskenazi Health security officer,  spotted a stolen vehicle and gave chase. Less than two miles later, that suspect crashed killing the man. IMPD says the preservation of life is always the number one priority when chasing a suspect.

Officer Chris Wilburn with IMPD says, "That's what we do in law enforcement. We pursue bad guys, and then, we arrest bad guys to make sure that the community is safe."

Police agencies often try various methods, including laying down devices to deflate tires in an effort to end the chases with minimum impact to others.