Purdue wins Rube Goldberg with 100 steps to zip a zipper

Photo Courtesy: Purdue University
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Purdue University's Rube Goldberg Team won the national championship Saturday in Columbus, Ohio.

Purdue Society of Professional Engineers won the title with a 100 step machine that accomplishes a simple every day task--this year it's zip a zipper.

It also won the Legacy Award for being the most whimsical Rube Inspired machine in the competition. . For the first time ever a human being was incorporated into the machine.

The Rube Goldberg competition founded at Purdue decades ago has long banned the use of animals, but PSPE found a man-sized loophole allowed them to insert one of their own student engineers into the climax of the machine

This team has multiple Guinness records for the largest, most complex Rube Goldberg machines ever built.

This year's winning machine took 3500 hours to build.