Purdue University shooting suspect pleads not guilty

Cody Cousins

Shooting suspect Cody Mark Cousins pleaded not guilty in a Tippecanoe County court on Thursday. 

An April trial date was set. He is being held without bond.

Cousins stared blankly throughout the hearing, looking down when the judge read the charge of murder against him. Cousins gave emotionless yes and no answers during the hearing.

The 23-year-old never looked at his parents and younger sister sitting with spectators behind security glass.

"I just met with my client, Mr. Cousins. I have met with his family. I appreciate you providing them the respect and courtesy that you provided them. They're obviously struggling as well. Our hearts and their hearts are full of compassion and concern for the Purdue family and for the family of Mr. Boldt. We will proceed in providing this young man, Mr. Cousins, the best defense we can," said Cousins' attorney, Robert Gevers, speaking to the media after the hearing.

Gevers would not discuss any information about the case or his client.

Court records contain new details describing a savage attack Tuesday afternoon.

Arriving police officers found Cousins sitting outside the Electrical Engineering Building with his hands behind his head and covered in blood.

Police found Boldt with knife and gunshot wounds in Room 067 in the basement of the Electrical Engineering building.

The probable cause affidavit says witnesses - students and others in the classroom - saw Cousins shoot and stab 21-year-old  Andrew Bolt, a student and teaching assistant.

Investigators found a gun and knife in the classroom and bloody footprints leading from the room and security camera video showing Cousins in the building.

Police also discovered a handgun on the ground along with shell casings and a knife.

Cousins' murder trial is scheduled for April. If convicted, the Purdue student could be sentenced to 65 years in prison.

Read the document here.