Purdue issues all clear after report of shot fired Weds. night

A gunshot was reported at Purdue Village on the southwest side of campus.
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Purdue University has issued the all clear after a report of a possible shot fired on campus.

"Purdue police say report of shots fired was unfounded. After knocking on doors & a local search, no threat to campus was found," the university tweeted Wednesday.

That tweet came 30 minutes after the university texted an alert to students about the report of shots fired in Purdue Village on the southwest side of campus.

"Purdue police respond to report of possible shots fired in Village," the alert on the university's website read.

A text message to students said the reported shots were in the area of Purdue Village Building 139.

"Purdue University police are responding to a report of two possible gunshots fired in the area of Building 139, 139 Airport Road. People are asked to avoid the area," a message on the website read.

A Purdue spokesperson later told Eyewitness News there was a single report of a single shot fired.

A 21-year-old teaching assistant, Andrew Boldt, was shot and killed in a classroom by fellow student Cody Cousins, 23, Tuesday afternoon at the university.

Despite the apparent false alarm Wednesday, the campus is jumpy. That is one reason Purdue President Mitch Daniels joined students at dinner Wednesday night, after cutting short a business trip to Colombia to help his campus deal with Tuesday's shooting.

"Shocked, of course. Deeply, deeply saddened," Daniels said. "I have learned a lot about Andrew Boldt in the last 24 hours. A remarkable young man."

In his first moments back, Daniels began a review of the shooting and aftermath, meeting with campus security.

"In many respects, it's hard to know how it could have done better. From the actual event to the capture of the suspect...three minutes," Daniels said.

But the former Indiana governor says he is concerned with reports that some staff may not have followed procedures after the campus alert went out.

Some instructors were recorded while they taught not far from the shooting scene. Some students posted on social media they felt some instructors didn't have enough information.

Another instructor told her students to be ready to grab someone if he entered the room while she taught. Some students didn't like her tone as she delivered that advice, but that kind of guidance has been on the Purdue safety website - using force in a last resort.

Most students we talked with were satisfied with the management of a crisis.

"We lock all the doors, after that we turned off the lights. We were fairly close to it, so we turned off the lights and got in a corner and stuff," said student Mike McKee.

"I was at the Union personally and the Union took every precaution necessary to keep us all in a safe place," student Josh Greenstein said.

"I think it's really important to say this campus is an extraordinarily safe place," Daniels said.