Purdue campus shaken by fatal shooting


The Purdue University community was shaken by a fatal shooting on campus in West Lafayette Tuesday. Many students spent tense minutes - or longer - locked down in classrooms and basements as police searched for possible suspects.

Andrew Boldt, a 21-year-old teaching assistant, was killed in the shooting. Cody Cousins, 23, was arrested.

While the situation was unfolding, WTHR spoke to several students on campus about what they were seeing and hearing.

As soon as students got the text message about an active shooter situation on campus, they started calling their parents. Payton Swan, anchor Scott Swan's daughter, is a sophomore studying nursing. She called in from her residence hall.

"We are all just really, really scared. We don't really know what's going on because we don't have much information from the police. We're all huddled trying to get more information from the TV," she said, describing her feelings as "shaken up and frustrated."

Payton was due in class near the electrical engineering building within the hour. Others were inside and in class when they heard officers scream, "Get down!" from the hallway.

"A police officer busted in and told us to evacuate the building immediately and to stay calm. And of course everyone went running out. When we got into the hallway, there were police officers everywhere with their guns aimed down the hallway," said Elaine Brady, witness.

"Down every hallway there were cops with weapons drawn. At that point we realized it was a super-serious situation. It was actually pretty scary at first," said Evan Link, student.

Students reports lots of yelling, the fire alarm and tornado alarm sounding. One student thought he heard gunfire.

"I heard definitely one of the shots and then they were just screaming, 'get out! get out!'" said Alex Sayem.

As the all clear was given, students shared their frustrations about what to do next and the lack of consistently updated information.

"There were a few kids asking, 'What do we do? Do we just stay here? Do we need to get out of here? There was a lot of uncertainty," said Mark Borowiak.

"It was obviously pretty frightening. Purdue really hasn't been that forthcoming with telling us what's going on. We just know there's a shooting and that's about it," said Gabriel Sach.

WTHR appreciates the students helping us tell the story - after calling their family first.

"My mom actually said she wished she could come up here and give me a big hug," said Jason Bays.